"Those Damn Cell Phones!" Groom from a recent wedding


"Those Damn Cell Phones!" Groom from a recent wedding

There are really a million things that go into making a very big special moment happen for you, the bride and groom. If you're the bride, you've been planning for months and months. You've involved your family and friends to help you with everything from table centerpieces to menus, party favors, bridesmaids gowns, groomsmen attire, flowers, invitations, and on and on. You have to meet with the caterers, the DJ, the photographer, the officiant, the venue manager, and it just seems to go on and on and get more and more intense until finally the morning of your wedding arrives. You start getting ready hours before the wedding with people helping you with your hair and makeup and dress and now finally, finally, finally, you are at the back of the aisle, arm and arm with your father, about to walk down the aisle. Your photographers are in place. Your future husband awaits, everyone stands up and....

picks up their cell phones! Really?

This photo was taken after I had gotten around a sea of cell phones to find a line of sight. And that meant that yes, I was about to get this shot, but I was now in front of the groom.

I don't think you want this grand moment interfered with by a forest of cell phones blocking the view of both your betrothed and your professional photographers. And though the phones in this photo aren't terribly obtrusive, others you cannot see are being held over people's heads, blocking the view of still other guests behind them. I agree with the groom, "Those damn cell phones."

As the professional photographer at a wedding I have absolutely no objection to guests taking photos except when they get in my way. At this wedding they were in my way, the groom's way, and ultimately in the bride's way.

Here's what I recommend putting in your wedding program, and if you do not have a program, then in your invitations. "The bride and groom request that no photos be taken during the ceremony. Please keep your cell phones in your pocket or purse and immerse yourself with us in this wonderful moment." or whatever wording you like.

But let's not have your groom complaining after the wedding about "Those damn cell phones."

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