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I love photography for so many reasons. With photographs we freeze a moment in time for ourselves and for generations to come. My family's 1926 family photo is cherished to this day and I am certain will be for decades to come. Showing the world how you are and in years to come, how you were, and doing it in the most artistic and beautiful way possible is my mission for you and your family.

I am proud that my photos have won awards, been featured in major publications, art galleries and curated social media pages. But I am most proud that so many of them hang on walls in homes where they may hang for decades to come.

For these reasons I continuously educate myself. It's one of the things I love about photography, that there is no end to what can be learned. I also teach photography and mentor other photographers because we grow together by sharing our knowledge.

And then there are the clients that come back year after year because we have had so much fun making beautiful artistic portraits together.

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