Southeast Iowa Wedding Photographer Has A Cup of Coffee with Felicia Giberson
Southeast Iowa Wedding Photographer Has A Cup of Coffee with Felicia Giberson

Being chosen by another wedding photographer to shoot her wedding is, for us wedding photographers, always a great honor. Felicia and I shot a wedding together about two years ago. And yes, she is a delight to work with.

In the two years that flew by life has brought many flowers to our dear Felicia. At her day job at Cambridge Investment Research in Fairfield, Iowa she has been promoted. She moved on from the boyfriend she had when I shot with her in 2016 and is now marrying Tyler Aplara and her normally sunny disposition is just simply radiant. Felicia is in love and anyone that can't see it is just completely blind.

I asked her how she met Tyler and it's an interesting story. Felicia and Tyler met at a bonfire Tyler was throwing. Felicia came with a mutual friend. Tyler felt there was something between them in the first hour. He said to his best friend, Alex, that he felt there was something there. Specifically he said to Alex that he "wanted that one!"

I've only met Tyler once and he seemed nice enough but here's how Felicia answered when I asked her what she thought of Tyler when she first met him.

"I thought he was an a__hole but a funny, very confident, persistent a__hole." And she paused and added, "I like that"

"He can be romantic." "...cocky & loud but he's fun." Oh, and she added this - "He likes to drink." OK, so could be a wild reception, right?

If you're there, you'll probably see me. I'll be the guy running around with two big cameras. If you're able to catch me flying by, introduce yourself and please make sure I get your photo!

See you Saturday!

Hal Masover

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