Just Arrived. New Aluminum Print


Just Arrived. New Aluminum Print
Just Arrived. New Aluminum Print

Have you seen an aluminum print yet? You haven't seen prints like this before and right now they are a real bargain because many times they are cheaper than good quality canvas - and I like them so much better!

When printed on a white substrate, they look like you expect a photo to look, except better. The photo just pops off the surface.

This is a picture of a picture that you are seeing on a screen so it's hard to get an idea of just how beautiful these prints are compared to other kinds of prints.

And aluminum prints are super durable. Our aluminum prints are made with archival ink. Essentially there are two kinds of ink, and this is important. There is cheap ink, also known as dye ink, and there is expensive ink, also known as archival ink. Cheap prints are printed with cheap ink. They are not intended to last a lifetime and I personally have seen them fade in as little as two years.

We only know how long archival ink can last through laboratory testing. The estimates based on those tests run anywhere from 60 to 300 years.

Your photos, printed with archival ink on aluminum are about the most durable way to preserver your photos.

Photos printed on paper are quite vulnerable. Not only can they tear, but moisture can destroy them. Just one very wet spring might be enough to ruin your photos. Not so with aluminum. With aluminum you can pour coffee on the print and just wipe it off. The surface is scratch resistant.

If you have us print your most precious photos on aluminum for you, there is a very high probability that your grandchildren will see them the same way they look to you see them today.

Want to see an aluminum print? Call or drop me a line and we'll make it happen.

319-217-2418 or Hal@HalMasoverPhotography.com

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